Who said strength training was just for men? A lot of women also do strength training exercises because they are not only great for losing weight, but they help in toning the body as well, making you look beautiful and sexy in your skin tight jeans.

But before you start this workout, here are a few tips you should take note of:

Learn Proper Exercise Form from an Online Personal Trainer
No matter what workout routine you are going to do, it is best that you firs learn the most basic step and that is to learn the proper form. You need to invest time to learn the proper exercise form from the beginning. It is easier to learn proper form now than to develop poor habits and try to correct and break them later on.

Stick to the Basics
If you are new to strength training, you are better off with sticking to a few basic moves in the first few months. This will help you memorize the routine easily and perform it effectively. The fewer moves, the easier and quicker you are on the up take.

It is just like your body when it comes to weight lifting. You do not start with the heavy set weights but you start from the bottom and work your way up.

Do yourself a favour and don’t strain yourself. Master the techniques and improve your strength on different basic exercise moves. Here are some of the most common strength training exercises that beginners like:
– Push-up
– Squats
– Reverse Lungs
– Glute Bridge
– Deadlift
– Plank
– Chin up

Do not think that you have to have a ton of different exercises to “keep your body guessing” and “shock your muscles” or that you need to individually develop your muscles using isolation exercises. Initially, you just need to focus on a few basic compound exercises, master your form and strive to get stronger. Contact an online personal trainer now for more details.

Consistency and Determination
Everyone wants results, the problem is they want it now with as little effort exerted as possible. Well, sorry to break it to you but it does not work that way. As they say, no pain no gain. It is not about instant gratification, if you want a great and stronger body you have to work hard for it. It will take months if not years and you have to put in effort.

You cannot expect to start strength training today and expects results overnight. With that being said, most women who are just starting to do strength training can notice some changes in the first week. They feel more energized, confident and more motivated to just keep going.

Do not start today and stop in a month or two, keep training and have fun while you are it. Keep working towards your goal and celebrate the small achievements you have along the way. For more in-depth videos, CLICK HERE.


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